CloseRite Strips are made of  a breathable, drape friendly, substrate mounted on optically clear release liners.  They are color-coded, allowing for rapid, intuitively easy to learn application. The substrate is coated with medical grade, hypoallergenic non-latex adhesives.

​​​​Easy​ to Apply

Quick to Close

Superior Cosmetic Result


The design allows practitioners to apply the device with minimal instruction, making it ideal for first responders, field personnel and professional first aid kits. Moreover, CloseRite Wound Strips® can eliminate the extra office visit needed to remove staples or sutures.

CloseRite Wound Strips® allow for fast, easy, pain-free closures of incisions and lacerations. They are non-invasive and can be applied without local anesthetic. The needle-free design is simple to use, and provides excellent closure control, enabling surgeons and practitioners to achieve superior cosmetic results.

Quick and Easy to Apply

Pain Free Application

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